The Coming EV Revolution


We are on the road to the electrification of the auto industry. With over 62 models of cars released, announced or shown in concept it’s clear that there will be record numbers of EVs on the road. Pike Research say that he US Government’s goal of 1Million EV’s sold by 2015 will not be met; maybe 625,000 have been sold so far and they estimate that the industry will hit the million sales mark in 2016. Whether it’s 2015 or 2016 that means one million consumers will be looking for a place to charge their car when traveling, shopping or commuting. Recent legislation in California encourages the sales of 1.4 million electric or hybrid cars (over 15% of all new cars by 2016.

Corporations and businesses often question whether or not the “EV revolution” is real. While they may find the production numbers of electric cars announced interesting, at this point business leaders seldom see such positive data reflected on the streets or at public charging environments. Yet projections (Pike again) for the growth of installed charging stations charging stations remain robust with over 775,000 charging units expected to be deployed by 2015. The largest market growth is anticipated workplace environments, partly because there are so commercial buildings currently have EV charging infrastructure deployed.

Executives may wonder if putting in a charging station is a necessity; they begin to question the financial implications of deployment and ROI. Most companies are in business to meet a need or serve a pent-up customer demand; in their eyes, a supportive senior executive or two, give or take a few youthful environmentalists, does not a commitment to EV charging make. Yet as the EV technology continues to increase in range and decrease in price, and fuel efficiency and gas prices continue to concern consumers, I believe that the EV is poised for robust growth.

If you are an architect, a property developer, a property owner, a facilities manager or a member of a Home Owners Association what should you be thinking about? Now is the time to begin your exploration of EV charging. Learn about EVs and the infrastructure needed to support them.

By deploying chargers in retail environments, the workplace and condos/apartments organizations will attract and retain valuable tenants and employees as well as publicly demonstrating a real commitment to sustainability.

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