Services Overview

  • Are you curious about the opportunity for your property or workplace to provide electric vehicle charging stations?
  • Are your tenants, customers and employees asking you about charging their cars?
  •  Do you want to know how much it is likely to cost and if there are ways to make a financial return?
  •  Do you need to get up to speed with personalized information about car charging on your property?

EV Charging Pros is an independent consulting service specializing in guiding clients toward selecting the most appropriate Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) system for their respective businesses. Understanding and deploying electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for cars  in commercial environments is rapidly becoming a top priority for commercial property owners and managers, architects and HOA administrators, particularly in progressive communities. EV Charging Pros provides customized guidance and objective advice to its clients independently of any EV charging hardware vendor.

The Road to Energizing Business

From defining strategic objectives to installing the EV charger, the process can be very complex and time consuming. There are multiple issues, technologies, requirements, and business models associated with EV charging systems. Even the ‘basics’ are not clear. For example, the most common questions we field are: ‘is there a standard plug?’ and ‘how long does it take to charge a car?’ (Yes and it depends). Read more

Rev It Up

Electric vehicles are on the road in ever increasing numbers. Current and prospective tenants are driving EVs, creating a demand for workplace and multi-tenant charging. This growing need for EV charging stations presents opportunities to enhance commercial properties, provide an important tenant amenity and, perhaps, increase property income and revenue.
EV charging stations add value to commercial real estate by:

  • Attracting and retaining tenants
  • Providing potential revenue streams
  • Creating market differentiation
  • Demonstrating leadership and commitment to sustainability

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